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About Us

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What we do

Trustd Legal Services are specialists in Probate, Estate Administration, Will writing and Conveyancing.

This is all we do, so it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing. It also means that we have robust and effective practices to ensure our work is done quickly and efficiently, whilst allowing us to spend time talking with and supporting our customers.

We’re not like a traditional solicitor practice who are often juggling many different aspects of law. Our Probate team handle Probate applications and nothing else. Our Will writers handle the Will writing and our Estate Administration team work exclusively for our full estate administration customers.

We serve all of England and Wales. There is no need for you to leave the comfort and security of your own home to use our services, although if you want to visit us at our lovely offices you are more than welcome, we’ll put the kettle on!

Our values

This is who we are. Our values are simple and clear, in fact we really only have one:

Customer First

Sounds good, but what does ‘customer first’ mean? It means:

  • Listen – we listen to our customers and serve their needs, not what suits us best.
  • Integrity – we act with integrity in our recommendations
  • Transparency – our services and prices will always be 100% transparent from day 1
  • Fairness – our prices will always be fair and reasonable for the service delivered
  • Solutions – the way we work, our technology and our processes are all designed with making things as easy for our customers as possible
  • Compassion – most of our customers are either going through a difficult time or thinking about their own mortality – as such we will always take time, never rush, never pressure, and always listen with compassion and understanding
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Our differences

So what makes us different to other companies?

  • Customer centric – as you have just read – our customers always come first
  • Knowledge – when you speak to one of our team of probate specialists, you will be speaking with someone who is an expert in their field
  • Technology – we will always have the most advanced technology because this gives:
    • Enhanced customer experience
    • Rapid speed of delivery
    • Consistent customer service standards
    • Internal efficiencies that help us keep our costs and therefore prices low
  • Creativity – we will never be stuck in the traditional way of doing things. If there is a better way of doing something, or a new product that meets a customer need, we will always strive to find it and bring it to market as quickly as possible.