Why should I use your services?
  • If you have a property in the Estate that needs to be sold our fees for property sale conveyancing are market leading – we have not yet discovered a lower price elsewhere.
  • If you are transferring a property to new owners we can complete the legal work within 1-2 weeks following the granting of Probate. The comparative low cost and fast turnaround is by virtue of us having the information already to hand.
What services do you offer?

We offer a range of services for our Probate customers:

  • Property sales conveyancing – delivered through one of our partners and priced from £499 including VAT (freehold properties).
  • Transfer of ownership of property title deeds – £180 including VAT (where freehold and there is no mortgage remaining)
Why should I use Trustd Legal Services?

At Trustd Legal Services we specialise in Wills and Probate. You therefore know that for these two areas of law you are receiving the highest standards of work and service.
Having reviewed thousands of Wills as part of our Probate services we are very familiar with the types of Wills that people have and it has helped us to identify what type of Will is most helpful to not only the person having it written but also the person(s) who one day will have to read it. Sadly this is often overlooked – hand written Wills or those from home-made kits are often strewn with errors, and some professional Wills so lengthy and almost Shakespearean in style we feel for the Executors who have to make sense of them! Our Wills are legally valid but written in straightforward plain English. This makes them easy to understand and reassuringly useful when the time sadly comes to use them.

Do all my assets automatically pass to my partner or spouse when I die?

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Unmarried partners without a Will may not be recognised as a beneficiary, regardless of the length of the relationship. Unless you enter into a marriage or civil partnership, when you die your surviving partner will not automatically receive any of the assets held in your name.
If you are married or in a civil partnership, your spouse or civil partner is not guaranteed to receive the whole of your estate. Depending on the value of your assets, the Estate may be split between your spouse and children. In some cases, the family home has to be sold to distribute the estate accordingly. Writing a Will can protect against this possible scenario occurring.

Why do I need a Will?
  • Look after your loved ones – you can decide who inherits what
  • Protect your Estate – If you don’t have a Will, the law decides who inherits your Estate.
  • Protect children – appoint a guardian to raise your children in the event of your death.
  • Protect your pets – appoint a guardian to care for your pets in the event of your death
  • Minimise any potential inheritance tax liability – careful planning can reduce or eliminate the need for inheritance tax to be paid
How long will Probate take?

For a straightforward Probate application obtaining Probate will typically take c. 3 months for most solicitors and law firms. At Trustd Legal Services we will write your Probate application within 5 working days and then once submitted to Court, the processing time is typically 2-4 weeks.
Administering the Estate thereafter depends entirely on how many assets there are to deal with. Most Estates are administered within 6-12 months.

How do I know if I have to pay Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax is usually payable for estates worth over £325,000. However, there are certain exemptions and reliefs from Inheritance Tax, such as if there is a spouse or a house passing to children. In some instances there can be as much as £1m of inheritance tax relief available.

Do I need to use a Solicitor for Probate?

You do not need to use a Solicitor for Probate and you can manage the process yourself. If a Grant of Probate (or ‘Letters of Administration’ if there is no Will) is required it is common for people to seek professional help with the application forms as they can be quite complex.

What is Probate?

Probate is the process of proving that a Will is valid and confirming the Executor’s authority to administer the Estate of a person who has died. Although the term ‘Probate’ actually relates to an Estate where a Will was made, even if there was no Will, a similar process will be followed.
Probate is not always needed. Usually if there is a property, a large shareholding or cash assets of more than £5,000 you will need to obtain probate.

Why should I use Trustd Legal Services?

As a contemporary legal service provider we are not bogged down in the old ways solicitors used to do things. Here at Trustd Legal Services you can be assured of a fast, efficient, friendly and high-quality service. How?

  • Because we are specialists in what we do – Probate and Wills
  • All of our systems and processes have been set up for speed and efficiency, with no room for error
  • All people are recruited on the basis of not only their capability but also their friendliness, empathy and compassion
  • We are not tied down to a geographic location. Whilst you are welcome to visit us in person none of our customers need to – we can deal with everything remotely
  • We’re happy to use the phone and post, however for people who want lightning fast service we have a customer portal where you will always be able to access your case status, send and receive documents and communicate with us.
  • We’re the fastest in the industry – Probate application completed in 5 working days
  • Our prices are market leading