What is a legally valid Will?

What is a Will?

Your Will is where you set out what you want to happen to you, your loved ones and your “Estate” when you die.

What is my “Estate”?

Your “Estate” is simply the things you own. We sometimes call these ‘assets’. Examples would be a house, a car, savings or investments.

What makes my Will legally valid?

However you write your Will, be it yourself, a local solicitor or online, you need to print and sign the Will in front of two witnesses. These witnesses need to both sign it too.

The witnesses should not be beneficiaries of the Will otherwise they will not be able to receive their inheritance.

The Will should also ‘revoke’, ie overwrite, any previously written Wills.

What else?

It is also important to ensure when defining who benefits from your Estate that the correct wording is used. Many Wills can be outdated or ambiguous when read, or worse, easily contested. These are some of the reasons it is best to get professional help when writing your Will.

How to get help

If you would like us to write your Will, the process is simple and should only take 10-15 minutes using our online tool. The Will will be checked by a Trustd Legal Services professional and if there are any particularly complex matters we will pass you to a professional Will writer to talk through your specific requirements.

If you have any questions you can email us at or call us on 0330 311 9728.

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